Life is a Journey.


You set out on a  journey and halfway through your journey, you encounter an (5) Would you turn back or continue your quest? Life is a journey with a finite destination. Obstacles/hurdles/hindrances are real, what you do to them is what sets you apart! People’s action and natural occurrences aren’t  within your control but your reaction is entirely your choice. You shall finish strong!

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Mental Imprisonment 2

I’d quickly summarize this series because Someone asked me for the solution to this imprisonment. The Imprisonment is self inflicted. It takes the realization to device a means of breaking free. The solution is not far fetched , its open-mindedness. No one is an embodiment of all knowledge. An authority on a topic today might be a novice tomorrow. Don’t limit yourself. Only you can bail YOU.

Around the World in Ten Photos

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A big part of photography is understandinglight — its strength, tone, and direction. These ten photographers from around the world show us that from dawn to dusk, there are beautifully lit moments just waiting to be captured.

Janice Meyers got this shot of the Salamanca Cathedral in Salamanca, Spain, just as the early morning sky began to turn from black to blue. We love how the warm glow of the streetlights contrasts with the deep, moody sky:

Salamanca, just before sunrise.Salamanca, just before sunrise.

The sun was a bit higher in the sky when Robin Kent of Photography by Kent caught the first rays of light over Washington, DC’s Tidal Basin, and cherry trees. The pink glow of the imminent sunrise echoes the delicate hue of the famed blossoms:

Daybreak over Washington, D.C..Daybreak over Washington, DC.

On the other side of the US a full sun bathes different pink flowers — a field of…

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Mental Imprisonment


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ImageThe worst Imagecaptivity is the one you build around yourself. Some of us are free prisoners, prisoners of our creations. We get imprisoned by our limitations, greed, segregation. A fortress may become a prison to the inhabitants . I’d share more with you as we proceed on this journey. The journey to true happiness and more